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The Spring clean your skin needs

Oxygenated Enzyme treatments are just what your skin needs to give it a "spring clean" and reset, to get your skin functioning as it should. It is a non invasive, results-based facial treatment that utilises plant-based enzymes to exfoliate dead skin-cells, promote healing and generation of new skin cells. It can be used as a stand alone treatment for an instant refresh but a course of treatments set off the healing process, resetting your skin.

The treatment helps to flush out toxins from the skin, whilst encouraging blood circulation bringing fresh oxygen to the area and improving lymphatic drainage, for optimal skin function.

The treatment is ideal for:

  • Highly sensitive skin that cannot handle corrective skin treatments or peels. Instead it requires TLC to restore it back to life.

  • Skin that has an impaired barrier function and needs to be rebuilt from the inside out - when your skin needs a skin reset.

  • Skin that’s experiencing excessive dryness, and starting to resemble stripping paint, from acne, harsh skincare or medication.

  • Skin experiencing painful acne who wish to help their skin heal and calm, and reduce sebum. Reducing breakouts and skin breakdown.

  • Preparation before starting corrective treatments

  • To accelerate healing and support you when you start using professional products.

  • Anyone who would like their skin treated prior to a big event (without any downtime) so their skin glows and shines.

What to expect:

  • All Enzyme treatments include LED light therapy.

  • During your treatment, you can sometimes feel a small pulsing sensation – this is the effect of the enzymes as they help circulate blood and oxygen through your cells.

  • Due to the increased blood circulation, you’ll likely experience some vascular matting – where your blood vessels appear close to the surface of your skin or presents as a flush of redness that settles soon after the treatment is complete.

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