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Easy holiday skin care

The summer holidays are for having fun, relaxing and taking time out from the daily routine. So we want our skincare to be easy and care free. Here are some ideas to keep things simple:

  • In the AM, give your skin a quick cleanse and just use a tinted sunscreen for effortless but glowy skin. Don't forget to reapply if you're out an about. You can carry a non tint to top up at the beach. If you had to choose one AM product, it's sunscreen!

  • Throw in a hydration mist to your beachbag to be used as you need, it can be refreshing and keep skin hydrated, apply before your sunscreen top up.

  • In the PM, you want to double cleanse to remove all traces of sunscreen and make up. Avoid too many actives if you've been out in the sun but you want to at least layer one serum plus face oil and/or mousturiser to treat, soothe and lock in moisture. Remember the thickest goes last.

  • Every other day, add in something a little extra to give your skin a boost. This is when I like to use Sequential Skin masks and or do my Ipsum face massage routine.

If you have a skin condition you are treating, do make sure you are following your prescribed skin routine however it's ok to have a day off and these options will see you through. Happy holidays!

x Pippa

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