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3 basic steps to make your skin glow

I get it, keeping our skin in good health takes effort just like keeping our bodies fit and healthy. Sometimes we just want something quick and easy to do. Here are 3 things you can do that will give your skin a pick me up:

1. Skin soaking

Skin Soaking is a beautiful self-care ritual which totally transforms your skin, giving you a beautiful, luminous glow. All you need is warm water and a clean face washer. Microfibre cloths are the most effective.

Fill your basin with warm water, cleanse your face as usual and then take your washer, soak it in the water, ring out a little but ensure there is still water in the cloth. Apply washer to your whole face, taking in a few deep breaths.

Lock in the hydration by following with a facial mist on damp skin and your usual skin products.

2. Face massage

This one is no surprise given my love for face massage, there is no specific method you need to follow really but always start at your neck, you can massage using the slip from the products you are applying to your face, even a few minutes will help. For a really fast and effective massage, use your knuckles. I demonstrated this in one of my Instagram posts that you can see here:

3. Sheet masks

I have been talking about these recently. I have done a huge amount of trialling sheet masks and nothing quite ticked the boxes like these. You will not believe the instant flood of hydration and glow. They only need to be on for 15 minutes, follow the steps above and apply this mask before any special event and it will be like you had just left my treatment room. Apply before your make up for the ultimate glow up.

Of course there is also no better treatment for your skin then a facial, check out my event ready facial package. A 60 minute face work out to sculpt and lift your face with a side hydration and deep relaxation. Limited time only, bookings required before 25th December 2023.

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