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Botox is not skincare

I fully support anyone doing Botox however I do need to highlight that Botox is there to offer a temporary result in the form of a muscle relaxant, it smooths out the dynamic wrinkles on your face that are there from our expressions and movement. I love how it can make you feel fresher. However it is not skincare and does not address the health of your skin or skin concerns such as sensitive skins, acne, pigmentation, hydration. The glowy look you get about a week or so after treatment is not a sign of your skin hydration but the muscle relaxant taking effect.

If you are simply washing your face and/or applying a cheap skincare, you are not addressing the health of your skin. When you freeze your muscles you don't move them and therefore you don't feed the bones the muscles are surrounding and your lymph and blood flow becomes stagnant.

The answer? Investing in a professional skincare range, working with a skin therapist to help work on the deeper layers of your face muscles prior to botox, ideally having a treatment plan in place. I understand botox is expensive but you actually will see the results last longer if you are caring for you skin health in between.

My treatments are all botox friendly and I strive to support your skin and ageing journey, and get the most out of the money you are spending on your proageing journey. We all want the same thing but there is a middle ground between washing you face and injecting it.

Come in to see me for a customised facial treatment or if you are already on a good skincare regimes my Face Sculpt and Buccal is ideal just before your botox treatment. Packages are available!

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