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Skin by Pippa James

Updated: Nov 24, 2018

I created Skin by Pippa James because I not only want to help heal skin but I know that doing so helps heal the person too. I love to know that I am helping someone feel good about themselves, what we look like has become such a focus and when you have "bad skin" it can really take away your self confidence. I have personally suffered from acne as an adult when I stopped breastfeeding my first child. I rarely had bad skin as a teenager. I was mortified and embarrassed and confused, why was this happening now? So I got help. And after I got help and was on the road to recovery, I realised that I could help others too.

I have always had a passion for health and well being and specifically skin care. As a child, I would look through my mums magazines looking at the beauty product section, always fascinated to see what products could do. I have since learnt that those products can not fix a skin issue overnight but the idea of "skin care" and taking care of yourself resonated for me even back then. Like so many, you don't know what you want to do when you leave school and so I studied a business degree and set off on a career in marketing and communications. I do believe you follow a path for a reason, I learnt a lot about marketing and business but Skin by Pippa James was always in the back of mind with "signs" showing up here and there that life tends to give you, calling me to follow my passion. We spent time living in London for a few years where I visited some top beauty salons which ignited my interest to explore a change in career, I was a stay at home mum then and knew I didn't want to go back to my old career. I wanted to follow my passion for health and beauty, well being and taking care of people - the catalyst also from my own personal skin issues.

I enrolled into beauty school and then worked at a warm and caring beauty salon for a few years where I had great fortune to working with an amazing boss and skin therapist, who taught me so much. After my second child I was ready to go out on my own.

So here I am, ready to help you through your own skin journey. Working together, looking at everything in your life holistically to help you achieve your optimal skin health.

Love Pippa

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