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No flow, no glow. How Face Sculpting and Buccal massage is critical for skin health.

woman having face sculpting and buccal massage facil

The importance of understanding and nurturing what is underneath our skin is vital to skin health. It is as important as the skin care you apply topically. The combination of creating flow through the activation of the lymphatic, movement of fascia, muscles and tissues is truly what is going to achieve the glow we are all after.

We have talked so much in the last few decades about the quick fixes to stay young, and with the advanced use of tech on our faces we are seeing more "flawless skin". However I think we have forgotten that we still have living and breathing skin, muscles and tissues, fascia, lymph that needs to be nurtured and constantly activated to support the technology we are using on the skins surface. Since becoming a Neolifting Face Sculpt and Buccal massage practitioner, the results of my clients have become so elevated compared to anything I've ever tried myself - and I've done a lot of beauty treatments personally and professionally.

When we just do surface level treatments, we are not activating what is underneath and the flow becomes stagnant. For vibrant healthy skin, this is where Face Sculpting and Buccal massage has stepped up and changing the beauty industry. I see it as the bridge between natural beauty and hight tech beauty. Its power comes in the form of hands from your trained practitioner.

Precise movements and flows to sculpt, lift and tone. Creating vibrant, juicy, healthy skin. Where there is no flow, there is no glow.

Book your Face Sculpting and Buccal Massage today to experience it for yourself, or call or email if you need more information.

x Pippa James Skin Health

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