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Professional facials and holistic skin solutions.

My mission is to shift our perception of what healthy and ageing skin is. How we feel, is how we look. Skin health needs a holistic approach, whether you need to heal a skin condition or want to learn how to regularly care for your skin. I am passionate about helping you achieve your best skin health, while providing supportive care and guidance throughout your skin journey.

Neolifting Face Sculpting and Buccal Massage certified.



Sculpt, Lift and Tone your face

Professional facials with a focus on lifting and sculpting massage techniques, using botanical based products that change your skin to healthy and glowing.


All products used in treatment are suitable for all skin types and safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

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Correct, repair and heal skin conditions

A bespoke facial to treat specific skin conditions like Acne, Rosacea and Pigmentation using Active Botanical Skincare.

All products used in treatment are suitable for all skin types and safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding.



Accessible Skincare

An Online Skin Consultation with Skin by Pippa James is perfect for anyone who is not local to Sydney or, is simply seeking advice on skincare products. If you don’t know where to start, an online skin consultation will take the guesswork out of how to best look after your skin. 
The consultation will also give you access to a range of professional beauty products recommended by Pippa. These are professional products and not available at your local grocery store or chemist – only through a reputable and professional line of skin care products.
Upon placing you order for an Online Skin Consultation, you will receive an email with a consultation form to fill in.
After the consultation, you will receive $20 credit to spend on products through me. If there are any questions throughout, you can reach out to me for assistance.

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Sharing Self Care

I can provide facials for groups for special occasions and event workshops:

  • Special occasions: Skin preparation leading up to the day for bride and groom or a facial for a group e.g wedding party or for a formal, a few days prior to the big day.

  • Workshops for hens party, corporate events, etc: includes mini facials, product knowledge and coaching on how to care for your skin, or I can work with you to design a self care event that meets your requirements.

Price dependent on requirements.​


2 Holt Street Stanmore 2048

Loated inside Stanmore Chiropractic, upstairs to the IGA

Call 0423 974 569

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