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The Saint Minerals® Liquid Mineral Foundation provides a creamy, hydrating, long-lasting + full-coverage base, whilst still allowing your skin to breathe.

Our Liquid Mineral Foundation also offers UVA+B protection, + is suitable for all skin-types, ages + concerns. Saint Minerals® Liquid Mineral Foundation assists in healing, protecting + flawlessly concealing. From fine lines + wrinkles to conditions like Rosacea + Acne, this liquid mineral foundation offers a transformative experience, which addresses your specific skin concerns. Shade 00 – Suitable for those with extremely light, ivory skin. This skin type generally burns easily, may have freckles + capillaries + fair with neutral undertones.

Foundation - Liquid

GST Included
  • Prep your skin: Begin with a clean, moisturised face. Ensure your skin is free from dirt, excess oil, + any previous makeup. Shake the bottle: Give the Saint Minerals® Liquid Mineral Foundation bottle a gentle shake to ensure the formula is well mixed. Dot the foundation: Using clean fingers or a Saint Minerals® Foundation Brush, dot the liquid foundation onto your forehead, cheeks, nose, + chin. Start with a few dots + gradually add more if necessary. Blend in circular motions: Using gentle circular motions, blend the liquid mineral foundation into your skin starting from the centre of your face + working outward. Pay attention to areas that require more coverage, such as redness or blemishes. Continue blending until the foundation is seamlessly blended into your skin for a natural-looking finish. Build coverage if desired: If you desire additional coverage, repeat step 4 + 5 to layer the foundation. Focus on specific areas that need more attention + blend thoroughly to ensure a seamless finish. Check for any touch-ups: Take a moment to assess your overall complexion + make any necessary touch-ups or adjustments.
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