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This powerful anti-ageing spray works on multiple levels, combining ingredients such as Argireline, a natural form of botox, Matrixyl for long term collagen production and Green Tea Extract to protect the skin from free radical damage. While Hyaluronic Acid assists the skin to hold more water.

Anti-Ageing Treatment Spray

GST Included
  • Matrixyl – A powerful anti-aging peptide, containing 5 amino acids linked to a 16-carbon chain for improving the penetration of the molecule into the skin. It stimulates Collagen Synthesis and cell repair, thus tagging it a “long-term” anti-aging peptide. JUVELEVEN™ – peptide (Acetyl Hexapeptide-51 Amide ) maintains genomic integrity by protecting and repairing DNA damage induced by several agents, and delays cellular senescence to ensure longer and healthier aging. Green Tea Extract – Strong anti-oxidant to protect skin from free radical damage, an anti-inflammatory agent, it also contains Methylxanthines that stimulate the skin’s natural microcirculation. Hyaluronic Acid – Holding 1000 times its weight in water, it assists the skin to hold more free water. Meaning better enzyme activity, supported barrier function, and cell communication.
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